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Ad Extensions. Because Size Matters.

Are you having trouble telling searchers everything they need to know about your business in one headline and two lines of text? Did you know there is a way to increase the size of your ad on Google search? Google Adwords has ad extensions to give searchers more information about your business and your business more room on the search results page. Here are the 4 most important sitelinks and how they can improve your ads:

Sitelinks: Extra links on your ad that can send customers to other important pages. If you sell hiar products and bid on the keyword "shampoo" you can use a sitelink to take customers to a page with a shampoo & conditioner package and another sitelink to send customers to your top-selling shampoo.

Call extensions: Allows searchers to call you straight from the search.

Location extesnsions: Shows your address and helps people find your physical location.

Callout extensions: Similar to sitelinks, but these are not clickable. This is a great place to briefly show why searchers should use you instead of your competitors. Have a 100% guarantee? Offer a free consultation or estimate? A callout is a great way to tell your potential customers.

Using ad extensions will make your ads stand out from your competition. And google now uses the expected impact of ad extensions to decide your ad rank, which determines where your ad shows and how much you pay for a click. If you don't have them, please check out Google's explanation. Still need more help? Send me a note and I can help you set them up.


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