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Is PPC Right For Me?

Confession time: I run a PPC business, but I do not advertise it with PPC. Does this make me a hypocrite? No, I tell every prospective client that the decision on whether to advertise on Google and Bing through pay-per-click depends on many factors and should be made based on your specific situation. Here are a few things to consider using my own situation as an example:

1) Can you handle more business? I am a one-man company with no desire to expand by hiring more people. I put my name on the company and the website, so I want everything to be done right, and I'm the only one I trust to do it right. So once I get enough clients to fill my work week, that's it. Why advertise when I can't take on new clients?

2) Is there a cheaper way to get more business? PPC can be very expensive. In many industries the cost-per-click can be over $10. If I had a great 10% conversion rate (and I would need to invest more in my website and landing page to get that) I'd still be paying $100 for each new client. But there are other ways to get new clients such as personal connections and freelance websites like upwork. And those are free, which is way better than $100/client.

3) Do you have the budget for it? PPC can be frustratingly inconsistent. Do you have the money and patience to wait out a bad stretch? If the average cost-per-conversion is $100 there will still be times where you spend hundreds of dollars without a lead.

One exception to the above rules: Non-profits who qualify for Google Ad Grants should get on Google Adwords immediately because that advertising is free to you! There's no risk at all to you!

Those are the reasons I don't do PPC. If you have a company that can handle more business, has no cheaper leads to get, and you have the budget to wait out the occasional bad stretch, contact me and I will help you with your advertising. Mention this article and I will waive the first month's management fee; that way you can try out PPC with less risk.


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