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The PPC Audit

Have you set up a PPC account for your small business? Do you want to know if you have everything you need in the account, but don't have the budget to have someone manage it full-time?

Or have you been burned by PPC "experts" who charge a monthly management fee and never do any work? You need to hire someone else, but how do you know who is the right fit for you?

These are two situations that are perfect for a PPC audit.

The small businessperson who manages their own PPC account probably doesn't keep up with the latest changes to Adwords. They don't know if they are taking advantage of all of Adwords' features such as ad extensions. They may be bidding on broad-match keywords and not realize that their ads are showing for searches that aren't exact matches for their keywords. Having a PPC expert look over the account may save a large percentage of your budget that is currently wasted, allowing you to get more conversions for the same cost.

A PPC audit is also a great way to "interview" a new PPC expert. You get to have a conversation with them, see if they have any ideas that will boost your performance, and evaluate how those changes affect your bottom line before signing them on for long-term management. You can see if their knowledge and communication is a good fit with yours.

I offer a PPC audit for $100 which includes a full review of your account, a list of suggestions, a phone call to discuss those suggestions, and implementation of most of the suggestions (some suggestions may be too time-consuming to implement). If I cannot improve your results, I will not charge you the fee. It's a risk-free offer, so contact me if you need an expert to look over your account.

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