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Conversion Rate Optimization-What You Need To Know

Most of my blog posts so far have been about changes to the adwords account: negative keywords, bid optimization, bid adjustments, creating ads, and similar things. The purpose of all those things is to get high-quality traffic to your site at the best price possible. But what happens when the searcher gets to your website is just as important. Here are a few ideas on how to make sure those searchers turn into sales or leads.

1) Send your traffic to a page that is closest to the conversion goal. If you sell shoes, and someone types in "Nike Zoom Winflo 3 Women's Shoes", don't send them to the home page, or even the Nike page. Send them directly to that product. That way they don't have to search for what they want, all they have to do is add it to the cart and checkout.

2) Consider creating a separate landing page. If you are looking to generate leads, a dedicated landing page is a great idea. A PPC landing page should look good, explain your product or service, and direct attention to an easy-to-fill-out form. By emphasizing the form you will get a higher conversion rate than by directing searchers to your home page, even if the home page features a form.

3) Only get the information you need. The goal of a landing page is to get leads, and the best way to do that is to not ask for a lot of unnecessary information. You may want to ask for a lot of information, but many people will not want to answer 15 questions on a website. So just get a name and contact information--you can get the rest of the information when you contact them.

4) Keep it simple. There's no reason to have animation or lots of pictures or even a lot of text explaining your product. Don't distract from the form. That's the goal of this, after all. You can tout your product's benefits when you contact them later.

Hopefully that gives you some ideas on how to improve your PPC performance. Good luck!


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